Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gittin Daf 45

Shmuel says that if someone owns a slave in Israel and sells the slave to someone outside of Israel, the slave goes free and the buyer does not get his money back. Abaye asks why is the buyer fined? The seller should be fined! Rav Yosef answers if not for the hole (a place to put the stolen goods), the mouse could not steal! Abaye asks if not for the mouse, the hole would not do anything! Rav Yosef answers it is more reasonable to fine the buyer, since the Isur (the slave) is by him. We can learn a very important lesson from the culpability of the mouse-hole in the mouses stealing. We should be very careful and not enable other peoples wrongdoings. If we would not listen to other peoples juicy gossip they would have no one to tell it to.


Heshy said...

Why not fine the seller as well as the buyer since both are doing wrong. In lashan hara, the speaker is guilty, not just the listener.

Ohr Hanegev said...

the Gemara talks about that and says in this case since the buyer has the prohibited thing he loses.