Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gittin Daf 24

The Gemara teaches us that a woman may not appoint a messenger to receive the Get from her husband's messenger. One of the reasons why is because we are concerned that the husband would be insulted that she was not willing to receive the Get directly from his messenger, and might therefore cancel the authority of his messenger to deliver the Get to his wife. This teaches us a valuable insight into human behavior. The husband clearly has no problem with this insult to his wife, in delivering the Get through his messenger. Yet, if she should do the same thing to him, he might be so terribly insulted that he would go so far as to cancel the validity of his messenger.
How often do we see life through our own perspective in realizing insult only when we are the insulted party? We need to be cognizant of others' feelings and insult at least as much as our own.

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