Friday, September 5, 2008

Gittin Daf 47

When Reish Lakish died, he left over some saffron to his heirs. He (regretted that he worked more than he needed to, and) applied to himself "they left their wealth to others." We can ask what is so terrible about leaving over an inheritance to our children??? We can learn a valuable lesson from Reish Lakish. We spend much of our time on physical pursuits and neglect our spiritual ones, Reish Lakish is teaching us that the legacy that we leave to our children is not the amount of money they inherit but the lessons on life that we show them by our example. If we spend our days and nights at work and neglect Torah study, every extra cent we earned that we didn't use at the end of our life is wasted time that we could have put to better use.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Gittin Daf 46

When a woman was divorced because she was thought to be an "ailoniss" (a woman who cannot conceive)R' Yehuda says the husband cannot remarry her after the divorce. If the woman marries another and conceives and wants to claim her Kesuba from her first husband, R' Yehuda says we tell her "shtikutech yapheh midiburech" your silence is better than your speaking. This is because if she claims her Kesuba, the first husband might say that he would not have divorced her had he known she could conceive and that would question the validity of the Get and also her children.
This advice of R' Yehuda is something we all should take to heart. Many times our speech brings about more problems for us than gain.