Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gittin Daf 43

Rabah bar Rav Huna initially taught that just like a Jew who does a half-Kidushin on a Jewess does not take effect, also Kidushin of a half-Shifchah does not take effect. Rav Chisda objected that you cannot learn from half- Kidushin, in which he did not try to acquire all of her; to (full) Kidushin of a half-Shifchah! Rabah bar Rav Huna consents that he made a mistake and comments "This stumbling under your hand" - one understands words of Torah only after stumbling in them! We can all learn a very important lesson from Rabah bar Rav Huna, we all make mistakes in life but if you use the mistakes you make to do better in the future then even the mistakes that you have made in the past were a good thing!

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