Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gittin Daf 18

The Gemara raises the question: If a person writes a get early to keep in his pocket in order to see if his wife appeases him or not, would that not destroy the purpose of the Rabbinic requirement to incorporate the date on which the get was written? Since the husband did not yet intend to divorce his wife, that date should have no halachic bearing.
Rava explains that that is not a concern because since the husband is willing to be appeased he obviously wants to remain married and "lo makdim inish poranusa linafsheh" a man wouldn't prepare something which is negative to him earlier then he has to. This can be a lesson to all of us. If something is viewed as a positive thing we prepare for it and make sure we are ready when the opportunity arises. The question we need to ask ourselves is, do we view the important things in life like a chore, or rather as opportunities to anticipate and actively prepare for?

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Yitzy said...

When I was learning the daf this morning I thought you would comment on the first line of amud beis that the 10 days between the ksiva of a get and the chasima of a get we are "chayshinan shema payis" maybe the husband would change his mind and not go through with it. it reminded me of the aseres yemei teshuva that we have 10 days between the ksiva and the chasima to have Hashem change his mind........