Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gittin Daf 16

The Gemara mentions the concept that the amount of water necessary to connect two bodies of water to be considered as one is that it should be " tofeach al menas lehatfiach" wet enough that when one touches the water it can transfer that water to somewhere else. This concept is also a message to us that if we cannot transfer our own "water" i.e. the Torah to someone else then it is lacking in its own right and not considered "wet".


Mark Kerzner said...

this means, you can not influence others until they are ready? What about Baal Shem Tov?

Mark Kerzner said...

ohr negev told me this:

The lesson is that you need to be able to transfer what someone else does with that knowledge is up to his bechirah.
I sent this email to my brother who also learns the daf and we decided to send eachother a message from each days daf. I thought it would be great to put it up on the website you so graciously created but I don't know how to do it. I would love to be "tofeach al menas lehatfiach"

Mark Kerzner said...

Sorry, the site is coming up soon, meanwhile just give the people this link