Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kiddushin Daf 3

The Gemara describes an Esrog as 'darko legadel al kol mayim' it grows from all water. There is a well known idea that the four species represent four different types of Jews that we take and bring together. The Esrog has taste and smell, wisdom and good deeds, the Lulav just taste, the Hadasim just smell, and the Aravos neither. Where did the Esrog get to have both taste and smell? The answer is because the Esrog knows what is the proper way to grow, from all water. The Mishna in Avos teaches us "aizehu chacham, halomed mikol adam' Who is a wise man? One who learns from everyone. Water is compared to Torah and the Esrog is willing to grow from all water, wherever the Esrog can find something to grow from he will take it in and use it for personal growth. We too should strive to be like an Esrog and look for possibilities for growth from everyone we encounter.

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